Welcome to Lanes documentation

Currently Lanes documentation is rather lacking.

We’re working to address that, and welcome any contributions. The files to edit the documentation are located on the main Lanes github repo, under the docs directory. They’re simple markdown formatted text files, and can be edited and contributions saved directly from the github website.

Lanes also depends on several other projects who’s documentation is also relevent to Lanes.

  • ActiveRecord powers the server-side models, and any of it’s documentation will also apply to Lane’s Models.
  • Ampersand State is the base prototype for all of the client-side models. Any of it’s features (plus a few more) are also available to Lane’s Views and Models.
  • React is equipped with data adapters so it meshes perfectly with the Models/Collections. Components that extend from Lanes.Components.Base also gain handy object difinitions for easily querying data and listening to events.
  • Sinatra drives the routing that’s setup for each application in config/routes.rb Handlers can be attached there just as they can be in Sinatra if you need additional flexibility.